Oxygen for the Soul

Oxygen for the Soul

Just recently I realized everyone is talking about Christmas arrangement, such as parties, holidays…it shocked me that Christmas is really coming. We are at the end of year, already!!

It just reminds me of my new year resolutions. I wrote down my 10 goals in Jan. Now when I check it, I can proudly say I can almost tick every goal. But there is just one goal I can’t say I have achieved it. That’s why I want to share with you guys to push myself, but also to inspire you all a bit …

That goal is something called a 30 second rule. It means within 30 seconds after you meet someone, you give people a triple A treatment.  

What is the triple A? It means giving people Attention, Affirmation and Appreciation..The idea is from a famous author John Maxwell, he challenges us to give encouragement to all the people all the time. That is what I want to inspire all of you to do!!

We all know the power of our words.  We need to make sure we can use the power for the good.

Proverbs told us “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”

The words from our mouth are very powerful. The words can build, they can also tear down. The words can bless, they can also curse.

I heard a Japanese doctor did an experiment. He put some rice mixed with water into 3 different jars.  To the first jar of rice, he always blessed it ..say things like thank you. I love you.

To the second jar, he always cursed it. Saying things like you are an idiot, I hate you…

To the third one, he just completely ignored it.

He did that everyday. After one month, the rice that have received blessings began to ferment and give a pleasant aroma. The second jar of rice that was cursed turned black. The third one that was ignored was rotten and moldy.

That is really extraordinary! Think about it,  if the words can influence rice like that, what words can do to people! ?

Let’s treat everyone like the Japanese doctor treating the first jar of rice. Speak blessings over people! Remember the triple A treatment. Giving people Attention, Affirmation and Appreciation.

I know It doesn’t come naturally in some cultures.

I remembered in my wedding in Germany, I heard my husband’s auntie said to her 16 year old daughter: “You are the most beautiful girl today.” When I heard that, it almost made my eyes water. Because I have never heard my mum or my dad say anything like that in my entire life. Somehow in Chinese culture, people don’t say nice things to people especially close families. That caused lots of Chinese insecure deep inside. I myself grew up as a very shy and timid girl. But now I’ve become very talkative and outgoing. I even preached to hundreds of people with great confidence. That’s because of all the encouragements I received over years in NZ. Apart from that, I have been reading the most encouraging book called bible telling me every day I am special and I am loved. I’m a living testimony for the power of encouragement.

Someone said, Encouragement is the oxygen for the soul. Therefore we all are carrying people’s air. Let’s give generously.

Think about all those greatest speakers and leaders in history, they used their words to encourage, to comfort, to build, to lift people up, they changed the world.

If we can give encouragement to all the people all the time, we may not change the world or history, but we will change people’s lives.  

So be encouraged to encourage!

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