Plan it, Write it, Do it.

Plan it, Write it, Do it.

Happy new year to you all.

January is always my favorite time of a year. Not just because there are holidays around this time, but also because I love making plans and setting goals at the beginning of year. Recently I heard that 93% of new year’s goals go unfulfilled. 30% are broken on the first week.  But for me, I can proudly say I always achieve 90% of my new year’s goals.

How do I do it?

I have 3 steps: Plan it   –   Write it   –   Do it   !!!

First of all, Plan it !

I know a proverb says “Man plans, God laughs”. Somehow changes always run faster than plans.

However, we still should make plans, because nobody just stumbles upon success and says how did I get here!  I believe any success is often the result of intentional planning.

Think about how much time we spend on planning a vacation, we would spend hours google searching the hotels and restaurants. We would lay out the maps to schedule each day. But how many of us really spend some time planning our lives?!

We need a plan for our lives, we need a plan for every year!

When we have a plan and set some specific goals, it’s like architects have their building sketches. Can you imagine that an architect just go to the builders and say “Hey! I have a mental picture of the building, can you build it?”  No, the architects always draw out the sketches, put it on paper, and write it down.

That leads to my next step. Write it!

Write your goals down. I heard people say “Goals that are not written down are just wishes.”

In fact, a recent study found that people who wrote their goals earned nine times as much as those who didn’t! The research also showed that

  • 80% of people didn’t have clear goals; 16% had goals.
  • Only 4% had goals and wrote them down
  • Among that 4%, there was 1% who wrote down their goals and reviewed them on a weekly basis

“Do you know who those 1% are?”


Do you want to be a millionaire? One thing you can do is to write your goals down and review them!

After you plan it and write it, the very last but the most important step is to do it !

Everyone knows action speaks louder than words.

Everyone knows you can’t hire people to do your pushups.

But many people don’t take actions.

The biggest problem we have on taking action is procrastination. We always put things off and eventually we don’t do it.

I heard a very interesting story.

Three devils want to destroy the world.

The first devil went around and told people, “There is no God!”

So some people acted as if there were no God, but they knew in their hearts that there is God.

The second devil told people, “There is no sin!”

And again, many people acted as if there were no sin, but they knew in their hearts that human nature is sinful.

The third devil was smarter. He knew he can’t argue against human deepest convictions.

He simply said, “There is no hurry.” ?

Do you want to fall into the Devil’s trap and believe there is no hurry?

The devil often tells you:

“oh, there is no hurry to write that book, you can do it one day!”

“There is no hurry to open that business, you can do it next year!”

“There is no hurry to reply to Tina’s email, you will do it tomorrow.”

Don’t ever wait until tomorrow if you can do it today. Just do it! Do it Now!

Remember the 3 steps,

Plan it, write it, do it.

( If you are interested in setting some smart goals, go to my Free Printables page for a goal setting worksheet! It will help you set the smartest goals and truly achieve them. )

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