How to Have a Meaningful Birthday and Kill the Birthday Blues

How to Have a Meaningful Birthday and Kill the Birthday Blues

kill the birthday blues

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“Have you heard of the birthday blues?” I asked my husband.

“Come on. I know your birthday is coming up and you can go random about birthdays, but don’t make up English words! I have never heard of it.” My husband said with a grin.

So I google-searched the term and the result hugely proved my husband wrong. Apparently it’s a commonly used terminology. But I wasn’t that happy I was right on the term. Because I might have a strong tendency to go blue on my birthdays!

Somehow when it comes to age or birthdays, we women often have a very mixed feeling about it. We could be excited for the birthday holiday that is coming up but sometimes we could also be feeling a bit blue or just a little sentimental about it?

Especially for women over 30, we don’t really feel like celebrating our birthdays. At least not as much as when we were in our 20s. I still remember when I was 25 ys old. I thought “wow, 25 is a big important birthday!”. So I invited many friends to my hugely planned party and asked all of them to prepare a performance as a gift and I even did a little speech carrying angel’s wings at my back.? I know I was young at the age of 25. But I didn’t know I was so childish!!!!

Well, apparently we do want different things at different age. But one thing I always want for my birthdays is some kinda meaning. I want my birthday, that day to be special and meaningful. Having everyone saying Happy Birthday to me just isn’t enough. Especially now that I am in my 30s I feel like time is ticking, life is running fast. I really would like to give my birthday a much deeper meaning.

For those people who tend to have birthday blues, the No1 suggestion I would give is to give your birthday a deeper meaning. Instead of letting birthdays remind you that you are getting old, you intentionally use birthdays as a reminder of mindful living with love and gratitude.

On my birthday, that’s what I did.

Apart from treating my body a good meal and a day of rest, I treated my mind and soul with a spa of love and gratitude. I gave thanks to the past year. I set my goals and gave good intentions for the coming year. I just decided to intentionally grow stronger and more mature with my age. Ageing can be beautiful when we live every year with beautiful intentions.

Yeah, that all sounds just a bit wishy-washy, doesn’t it? So, how did I practically do that? How can we practically age gracefully and beautifully?

Well, that’s where a dream designer like me comes in. ?

I designed a birthday reflection sheet for myself!!! And now I want to share it with you guys!!!

Birthday ReflectionOn your birthday, that’s how you can give your soul a spa of love.

You could take out a pen, maybe have a cup of tea or coffee.. Just fill in this birthday reflection sheet. I do believe physically writing things down on a piece of paper will do good to our mind and soul.

On the first column of the sheet, you can write down 10 things you are grateful for. It could be something big like a new house or a new baby. But it could be something small like a beautiful walk you had with a friend. Just fill your mind with gratitude and appreciation for life.

Then on the second column you can write down 10 things you have learned last year. It could be life lessons. It could be something new you realized and discovered, like that getting a massage from a stranger isn’t awkward but actually quite nice!

The last column is 10 things you look forward to this coming year. It could be a traveling plan or a new habit to develop. All those things that make your eyes bigger n sparkle. You can just write them down.

Don’t rush it and take your time filling it out. When I was done with that, I felt writing this meaningful reflection down on a piece of paper gave me such a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for my birthday.

So if you have birthday blues or don’t know how to celebrate your birthday, give this birthday reflection sheet a try. Download Birthday Reflection Sheet in the full A4 size PDF.

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Birthday card printable

(* If you like this free birthday reflection sheet and would like to bless a friend or family with it, you can get a specially designed birthday card printable. Instead of getting a random birthday card and don’t know what to write on it. This birthday card will guide you to express your love and appreciation for your friends and families and at the same time it will bless them with a truly meaningful birthday!)

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