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one body many parts

“One Body Many Parts” with a fun skit (shared in church)

This message was shared in my church on 07/2021. It has a little fun skit I acted with my hubby. In the message I shared my heart very openly. I shared how I cried in the church toilet and prayed… I hope the message can encourage people to stay connected and care for each other…
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cry out to God

“Meeting God in Solitude” with Skits(shared in church)

This is a message shared in my church on 14/06/2020. It has 3 skits I acted with my hubby Jonas. I was trying to tackle the issue of how we Christians could exercise our faith during pain & suffering in a real way. I was told the drama made them laugh and weep at the…
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gender equality

“Women & Gender Equality” with Fun Skits (shared in church)

This is a message shared in my church on International Women’s Day(08/03/2020) . If you ever happen to be in Auckland NZ, welcome to visit my church every Sun. at 10:30am. Auckland Baptist Tabernacle, 429 Queen Street, Auckland CBD. The congregation I attend is called Global. Visit for more info.

Gratitude Journal printable

7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Writing a gratitude journal is one of the greatest ways to live a happy and positive life. Every day I write down 3 things I’m grateful for to start my day. It really sets a very positive mood for my whole day. Instead of buying those expensive gratitude journals, I designed one for myself ?…
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