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kill the birthday blues

How to Have a Meaningful Birthday and Kill the Birthday Blues

The Blog version of the Vlog: “Have you heard of the birthday blues?” I asked my husband. “Come on. I know your birthday is coming up and you can go random about birthdays, but don’t make up English words! I have never heard of it.” My husband said with a grin. So I google-searched the…
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Gratitude Journal printable

7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Writing a gratitude journal is one of the greatest ways to live a happy and positive life. Every day I write down 3 things I’m grateful for to start my day. It really sets a very positive mood for my whole day. Instead of buying those expensive gratitude journals, I designed one for myself ?…
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couple's exercise

10 Fun & Easy Exercises for couples to do AT HOME

Have you ever wanted to do some exercise with your loved ones but don’t know how? or all the workouts seem too hard or too boring for you? If so, check out these 10 fun couple’s exercises I showed on the video. To go with the video, you can download this 14-day challenge sheet. So it…
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Top 3 Lessons about Goal Setting

What does this carrot remind you of? Does it remind you of a rabbit? 🙂 Or the idiom  “Carrot on the stick”?  Some of you might be thinking about your boss trying to use a carrot to make you work harder, but for me, the carrot is the personal goal I’m pursuing. Not because I’m…
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Plan it, Write it, Do it.

Happy new year to you all. January is always my favorite time of a year. Not just because there are holidays around this time, but also because I love making plans and setting goals at the beginning of year. Recently I heard that 93% of new year’s goals go unfulfilled. 30% are broken on the…
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Our words can change our world

Recently I saw an interesting video on youtube. It’s about a blind man begging on the street. He had a sign saying: “I am blind, please help.” but no one stopped. Only one woman noticed him. She took the sign and wrote some words on it. All of sudden people began to notice and started…
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