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one body many parts

“One Body Many Parts” with a fun skit (shared in church)

This message was shared in my church on 07/2021. It has a little fun skit I acted with my hubby. In the message I shared my heart very openly. I shared how I cried in the church toilet and prayed… I hope the message can encourage people to stay connected and care for each other…
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Glamping New Zealand

One of a kind Kiwi Experience: Glamping on a Hilltop

Welcome to JC Design life. It’s your life. It’s your design. This is vivian. Today I’m gonna share with you an amazing kiwi experience of camping. Well, not quite camping. To be exact, it’s called Glamping. Let me explain.. My husband & I had a weekend away and stayed in a place called Canvas Hut.…
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kiwi life in New Zealand

One of a Kind KIWI Experience: Live in an Underhill Cave like a Hobbit

Welcome to JC Design life. It’s your life. It’s your design. I’m Vivian. It was really fun to play the role of that Hobbit girl in the fairy tale story. hehe..Now let me tell you what’s really going on. It was just a time when my husband and I were in a special holiday accommodation.…
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things I learned from living in NZ

The No1 thing I learned from living in NZ for 15+ years

Welcome to JC Design Life. It’s your life, it’s your design. I’m Vivian. My husband and I went to a High Tea place with a Beautiful Garden! Apparently high tea is neither a Chinese thing nor a German thing. So it’s really our first experience. Just think it might be interesting to other people. So…
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kill the birthday blues

How to Have a Meaningful Birthday and Kill the Birthday Blues

The Blog version of the Vlog: “Have you heard of the birthday blues?” I asked my husband. “Come on. I know your birthday is coming up and you can go random about birthdays, but don’t make up English words! I have never heard of it.” My husband said with a grin. So I google-searched the…
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Chinese lesson

Teaching my German hubby Chinese – Lesson 1 “lǎo gān mā”

One of the biggest challenges for an international marriage is the language and culture barrier. So we decided to teach each other the language of our own country. While learning the language, we will learn the culture as well. Since we both do speak English and we can communicate well, we do admit that we’re…
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cry out to God

“Meeting God in Solitude” with Skits(shared in church)

This is a message shared in my church on 14/06/2020. It has 3 skits I acted with my hubby Jonas. I was trying to tackle the issue of how we Christians could exercise our faith during pain & suffering in a real way. I was told the drama made them laugh and weep at the…
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gender equality

“Women & Gender Equality” with Fun Skits (shared in church)

This is a message shared in my church on International Women’s Day(08/03/2020) . If you ever happen to be in Auckland NZ, welcome to visit my church every Sun. at 10:30am. Auckland Baptist Tabernacle, 429 Queen Street, Auckland CBD. The congregation I attend is called Global. Visit for more info.

cross-cultural Marriage, International Marriage

What a Chinese-German couple says about Cross-cultural Marriages

Just a disclaimer: we are not relationship experts:) We simply want to chit-chat with you guys a bit to share our stories and how we made it work so far. In this video, we will answer the following questions: 1. How did a Chinese and German end up marrying each other in New Zealand? 2.…
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